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DH forged elevator links are designed to hang elevators form Top Drive System or Hooks in drilling operation.Read the manual before use elevator links.
Each elevator link of one pair is forged form one single billet of high strength alloy steel,heat treated,surface-strengthen-treated and NDT for super performance and long service.The rating loads of elevator links series are 40t(355kN)-750t(6670kN).
All the technical data and properties of elevator links completely conform to the requirements of SY/T5112 and Api Spec 8C.
Composition and meaning for elevator links series:
Elevator Link

2.Structural Principle:
        Elevator links can work in pairs. The elevator link upper eye is used for the hook link ear, and the elevator link lower eye is used 
for the elevator.

3.Technical Specification
 Chart for thchnical specifications of DH elevator link series  :

specifications Rating loads Length(mm)
US ton kN
DH40 40 355 1200
DH50 50 450 1100
DH65 65 580 1200
DH75 75 665 1500
DH100 100 890 1500
DH 150 150 1350 1800
DH 200 200 1800 2700
DH 250 250 2250 2700
DH 350 350 3150 3300
DH 500 500 4500 3600
DH750 750 6670 3660
note: ①1 US ton≈8.896kN
          ②The elevator links of the specifications in this chart are manufactured by our company, other specifications our customer required can be defined in contract.

4.Usage and operation
1)Check the safety working load elevator links prior to use;
2)Ensure rating elevator links can match with the hook and elevators;
3)Checked if elevator links of one pair are bundled up together and if the stampde numbers are the same;
4)Hang the bigger eyes of elevator links to hook,and engage elevator ears to smaller eyes of elevator links,and insert safety pins of elecators to assure safety.(Note:The bended ends of the lower eyes shall be inward)
5)Each elevator links have been strictly tested in workshop.Exanimate elevator links for crack after each operation(it is recommedded that the NDT shall be carried out every three months or after each operation),for high stress areas of the elevator links shall conform to specifications of JB 4730 and other areas shall conform to specifications Ⅲ.When crack is found,the use of elevator links should be prohibited.And the results of the NDT should be recorded for traceability(see high stress of elevator links).
6)Use elevator links vertically in operation.
7)Not to overload elevator links(less then dynamic and static load) .
8)Stop ues elevator links with over wear in the upper or lower surface of two eyes in found.(wear is more than 3mm)
9)When the temperature is below minus 20℃,stop use elevator links.

High stress of elevator link(hatched areas are for high stress)
High stress of elevator link

1)Keep elevator links clean;
2)Coat elevator links with grease for rust,and stored in well-ventilated place;
3)Check elevator links for crack or over wear prior tu use,stop use any elevator links with crack or over wear.
4)NDT exanimate elevator links after each operation for safety operation.
5)Not to repairing or welding elevator links.

6.Transportation and storage
1) Prevent elevator links form raining.
2)Keep elevator links away from acids,alkalis,salts and other corrosive substance.

1)We responsible for exchange for maintenance without charge due to the quality for 12 months from elevator links service or 18 months from delivary.
2)Attached with elevator links are quality certificate,Packing list and usage manual.
3)Select elevator links in chart.
4)We can design and manufacture elevator links for field service such as elevator links used at temperature from minus 20℃ to minus 40℃.

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